Roller Coaster Continues

Just when I think things are becoming clearer I find out that is not the case.  So I have taken to saliva test to check my cortisol levels and they  both came back positive for Cushing’s Disease.  Last night I had to take a steroid at midnight.  Then I had to get a blood draw this morning at 8 am.  This was suppose to be the end of the tests, but again the roller coaster of my life continues.  This blood test came back normal.  I don’t get it but now I have to do another test because before I can be diagnosed with Cushing’s I have to have 2 abnormal tests that are from two different type of testing.  So now I get to have the fun part of doing a 24 hour urine test.  I have no idea what this is going to be like.  My doctor is gone for the day now so I will have to wait for tomorrow to start the next step.  I am so frustrated right now and just want to have an answer so I can move forward.  I should be use to things not being easy because my whole life has been one test after another.  So stay tuned hopefully there will be real answers soon!

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