I just don’t understand..

Day after day for the last few weeks i do not feel like myself.  I am a mental health professional I should be able to figure it out but I just can’t.  I am not enjoying life as I use to.  I am isolating myself from my amazing friends and can’t figure out why.  Have you ever had that feeling of just not feeling like you belong anywhere but can’t place why?

I feel like an outcast in my own circle but I know this is my issue not anyone elses.  I just want to feel loved and wanted but I have to give that to myself and I just don’t know how anymore.  I find myself falling into my old patterns and I have not been that person for a long time.  I don’t know if it is all the medical things going on or the stress of my job, but I have always been able to deal with my stress from work.  I don’t know I just wish I could figure things out.  At least it is Friday and the week is almost over.  Hopefully things will get better soonl. 

Published by jenniebowyer3350

Hello I am a strong woman who has experience trauma and disappointment. I thought my story and dreams are over but that might now be the case...

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