Test continue on and on

I heard from my doctor last week. She has been consulting with an endocrinologist about my testing that she has been doing to see if I have Cushing’s. The tests she ran some came back normal and some came back positive for Cushing’s. After the consult she and I will be meeting tomorrow and it looks like I would get a referral and have more of the same tests ran with some alterations to the test. She is also going to be running test to check on my diagnosis of PCOS. I got this diagnosis about 18 years ago and the doctor’s did not ruin any tests at that time. I fit the criteria for PCOS but now we will find out if this is really accurate. At this point I would like to just have some clear directions of what is going on so I can move forward if there is a treatment or learn how to live with my conditions without having it rule of my life. I see my doctor tomorrow so I hope to have an idea what is next at that time. Stay with me and see where this leads me……

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Hello I am a strong woman who has experience trauma and disappointment. I thought my story and dreams are over but that might now be the case...

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