You just never know!

It’s easy to go through life and think that things are good and that it’s okay to not worry about things. Until it’s not. I’m writing this post while sitting in the hospital with my mom. On Tuesday my mom called me to tell me that she was at her doctor’s office and that she is jaundice and they fear her kidneys are not working. I wanted her to come right then so she was not alone but her doctor wanted to get an ultrasound first to make sure it was okay for her to drive. Told my mom to call me after she got the results so we could figure out what is next. Later she called me and told me they found a mass on her liver and her pancreas. They told her she could come home but to seek attention when she got here. She came up that night and while talking to my brother he was more concerned and wanted her to go straight to the ER in Madison. She got in at 1:30am and we went right to the ER. They ran some blood tests and a CT scan and learned that the mass was pressing down on her bile duct which was causing the jaundice. They admitted her from the ER. They knew they needed to do a biopsy and also put a stint in to allow the bile ducts to drain. We left her at the hospital last night nothing was going to be done until Thursday. This morning I got up and came to sit with her and at 12:50 she went in for the stint and the biopsy. She did well and is currently in recovery. The results of the biopsy will be back tomorrow or Monday. The surgeons are already saying pancreatic cancer. Now we wait unt the biopsy confirms so we can figure out what the treatment plan will be. In the mean time I am making plans for her to move back to WI and move in with me. She can’t stay in MO with no family. So much to figure out and so much still up in the air. We are taking it one day at a time right now.

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Hello I am a strong woman who has experience trauma and disappointment. I thought my story and dreams are over but that might now be the case...

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