Forever a child

The last few weeks have not been easy! In February my mom called me and she told me that she was not doing well. She wanted to come home but her doctor did not feel that was in her best interest at least until they ran a few tests. They did an ultrasound and found a mass on her pancreas and also on her liver. She was very yellow from jaundice because the mass was pressing on her bile duct and her liver was not functioning properly. Her doctor did give her the okay to come home and while talking to my brother he told us to get her straight to the ER. He was concerned because she had been jaundice for so long.

When mom got here we went straight to the ER and from there she was admitted into the hospital. They admitted her and the next day they did put a stint in and also took a biopsy of the mass on her pancreas. This started the scary part of this for me. The procedure went well and mom was ready to rest. I ended up going home and planned to work for a little while the next day. I got an update from my mom that they were treating her for pneumonia and a fear. She said she was doing okay and told me to keep working as I had already planned to do. Later that day I went to see my. It was clear that her asthma was not well. They had been treating it with her inhaler and also breathing treatments. I watched her over the next few hours decline more and more. My brother was on the way down but I was all alone watching my mom struggle to breath. When my brother was about 45 minutes out I called the nurses because I did not like the way things were going and asked them to call the doctor. I updated my brother who told me they would probably be putting her on Bi Pap and to keep him posted. They did end up doing this and I continued to watch my mom decline and I knew her cognition was also declining. She was fighting the bi pap and the nurse at this time said to me, “The next step would be a breathing tube but your mom has a DNR.” I again reached out to my brother who was now a few minutes away and told him what was going on. My mom also started to fight the bi pap thankfully my brother arrived and he was able to get her to keep it on. It was at this time that they prepped my mom to move into ICU to be monitored. I have never been so scared that I would loss my mom. Once the Bi pap was starting to work and my mom was coming around and was with us we were able to have a conversation to lift her DNR so we could make the decision. Thankfully she agreed. She spend the next 3.5 days in ICU on Bi Pap but she did get better. She came home a Tuesday and for the next week she struggled to do anything without feeling so weak and struggling to breath. Thankfully she got stronger every day and was able to have her last biopsy. This last week we got her treatment plan and we are ready to get started. She is so strong and we will all take it a day, a minute, and a second at a time and help her heal and fight.

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Hello I am a strong woman who has experience trauma and disappointment. I thought my story and dreams are over but that might now be the case...

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