Cancer Journey Continues!

Today I am at UW again sitting in the parking garage while my amazing mom is inside starting the next round of her chemo. The first 3 weeks of the first round went great for her. It was that last week when she was off that I watched her suffer and struggle more. That fourth week she was so tired and had no energy for anything. She wasn’t eating or drinking. We ended up shaving her head that week. It was so much in such a short time frame. Watching her last week I waited to hear her say to me that it just was not worth and that she would rather just live whatever life she has left. I am so glad she did not do that.

We were sitting at home this morning before we had to leave for the hospital and I could see she was not herself. I asked if she was tired and she reported she wasn’t but didn’t say anything more. I asked her what was wrong. She finally admitted she was nervous for treatment today. She did not want to go back to feeling how she was last week. I can’t say that I blame her. On the way to the clinic she had her phone call with her nurse and they talked about how they can make adjustments to help her. They are willing to make adjustments ya right away but mom has decided she wants to go another full round to so she has a better idea how it will continue as she moves forward. She did allow them to make a small adjustment and they will be adding extra fluids during her treatment. They also talked about she can better manage her her nausea with the meds they have her own. Hopefully these changes will help her.

Once she got into the clinic she texted me, but I can’t be in the clinic with her and she updated they were having a hard time getting an Iv in this time. It took over an hour before someone was able to get her ready to start treatment. At least they were able to finally start her about a half hour ago. I hope the rest of the treatment goes well. She has the weekend to rest and I will also be home with her on Monday. One day at a time! It’s hard watching my vibrate mom go through all of this but she is strong!

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Hello I am a strong woman who has experience trauma and disappointment. I thought my story and dreams are over but that might now be the case...

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