Well kind of helped!

Yesterday I wrote a blog of the nightmare I have been dealing with a few nights a week in the hopes that it would end the nightmare. Well it kind of worked. I did not have the same nightmare last night, but I was not free of the nightmares. I don’t know how much longer I can continue to try and sleep every night not knowing if I will have a night free of nightmares.

I did have a new one last night but this one is something I am not sure if accurate. I hesitate to write about this one because of the fear of it being not true. It’s a new nightmare/memory. Normally I don’t hesitate to write things here but there was another person who is part of this memory. This person was much younger then me and I don’t know what to make of this. I will say I am glad this person did not suffer the same fate but might have witnessed something that may have confused her. At least that is what the memory is telling me. I know this probably isn’t making much sense but I am trying to process this in the only way I can at this time.

I need to process more before I can put this down and I need to figure out if this is a real memory or my mind playing tricks on me. With being so tired I can’t completely trust myself.

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Hello I am a strong woman who has experience trauma and disappointment. I thought my story and dreams are over but that might now be the case...

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