Great Day!

As our world and society continues to change it is a good idea to remember the simple things. My husband and I turned off our phones today and spent the day focusing on us and remembering why we decided to spend our lives together. It was amazing shutting out all the noise and distractions that become so much apart of our lives. I feel that today has refreshed me and centered me to those things that I have taken for granted. The accident my husband was in earlier this week was a wake up call. It’s time to slow down, re-engage in my life and relationship, remind myself why I fell in love, and remember my goals. Work is very important but i have allowed it to take over the person I am. Time to rethink a few things and adjust my priorities. 2019 is going to be about a strong me, a healthier me mentally and physically. I will be my first priority. Thank you to all who continue to follow my journey. My blog is helping me in ways I was not expecting!