I was lucky earlier this week I spent some time with an amazing 17 year old. This experience ended up being an awaking for me. This 17 year old was a reminder of me at 17 and how crazy life could be at that time. Here was I realized during the evening we spent together.Continue reading “Teenager”

Trauma and the lasting effects

Let’s go back a little ways to when I was a child. Imagine being 7 years old the first time a person who is suppose to take care of you violates not just your body but your mind and soul. How does a child of 7 deal with that? How is adult who was thatContinue reading “Trauma and the lasting effects”

Test continue on and on

I heard from my doctor last week. She has been consulting with an endocrinologist about my testing that she has been doing to see if I have Cushing’s. The tests she ran some came back normal and some came back positive for Cushing’s. After the consult she and I will be meeting tomorrow and itContinue reading “Test continue on and on”